About Us

I grew up in Soudley, surrounded by trees, trees and more trees. My home was like a menagerie thanks to my brother bringing home a variety of injured wildlife, including birds, rabbits and foxes.  As a child I learnt to swim in Soudley Ponds…something I wouldn’t recommend today!!

Pat was born in Broadwell. The forest was his playground, where he built dens and made camps – every boy’s dream!

We now have three grown up sons…well they like to think they are grown up!!! Scott, Luke and Liam.

We now live in Coalway only a stone’s throw from where Pat was born!!

We love the Forest of Dean, having so much beauty on our doorstep is something we really appreciate. It’s something we would like to share with others who feel the same way about this unique area.

That’s enough about us… Trudie & Pat

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